video projection of photos on the wall of the building, without sound, duration 30 seconds, looping

photo on transparent film in a frame 1 * 2 m


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The experimental exhibition Structure of Interference Combined at the GLUBINA Gallery is a research project. Its first part was carried out by 13 artists in the north of the Leningrad region. The participants plunged deep into meditation, trying the sensory experience of perceiving an unknown space, and then externalizing it in various media: video, sculpture, painting, installation, photography, performance. The exhibition took place in 3D first in a condemned Finnish cowshed and in a gallery in Moscow in summer 2022.


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It's dangerous to be alive


Site-specific art


There was a time on Earth during the Vendian period when living organisms were primitive, food chains were short, and there were no predators with teeth and spines. A heavenly time when living beings had no one to fear.


Today, things are different, of course. To maintain balance in nature, biomes need predators. Carnivores that eat herbivores, and megacarnivores that eat carnivores that eat herbivores. Fear is a natural instinct of a living organism that keeps it safe. Where there is no life, there is no fear.


Digital photo in a mirror frame; printing on foam board; metallic paper.


This work was created in the Glubina Gallery in 2022 but can be reproduced anywhere in a similar manner.



video with sound

video length is 1 minute 39 seconds, loop

for exhibiting, a room with an area of 20m2 is required,

the size of the wall for the projection is at least 3m high

projector, stereo sound


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Solo work. An ancient forest.




It is always very exciting to get into mysterious far away parts deep in the forest, where you can find plants that are many millions of years old. Sometimes, standing among them, I think: “You have seen a lot, my dear silent witnesses!"


Digital photography