Total Installation Timelessness



All of us can say: “I feel the passage of time, it moves from the past to the future,” and in terms of classical thermodynamics, we are right. But suppose we go down to the level of elementary particles and super-low temperatures. There, quantum physics will take over, and time will immediately flow towards both the future and the past - that is, it will be in a superposition state without any preferred direction.

It is a difficult task for the human mind to imagine this process. Since elementary particles in large bodies (both living and nonliving) begin to "drag" each other in one energetically favorable direction - towards the entropy growth, creating the arrow of time illusion. Therefore, people will never see how puddles of water become ice cubes again or broken cups jump back onto the table intact.


It is where imagination comes to help. We perceive moments as snapshots of life, photos nonlinearly scattered in space. It is our memory that lines them up. The memory of the first moment is part of the experience of perceiving the second moment, and so on in chain order. But in fact, everything we perceive is just moments from the array.

This video was shot on the warmest windless autumn day. The countless spikelets in the field never moved during shooting, only the passing cars’ sounds brought us back to reality. I have got an idea that it was a great opportunity to imagine myself on a quantum level, where the previous snapshot of life does not differ from the current one. In my mind, I tried to scatter them in space and then collect them in a non-systematic fashion. I made a conclusion that time is only a tool for measuring change.




video with sound

                                                     video length is 1 minute 39 seconds, loop

                                    for exhibiting, a room with an area of 20m2 is required,

                                    the size of the wall for the projection is at least 3m high

                                    projector, stereo sound


link to a video >>>