My muse

Our first detailed acquaintance occurred when Andrey was 8 years old. Today he is 16. During his short life, he underwent 8 craniotomy operations, an upper jaw osteotomy, and has a cosmetic operation to correct the skull ahead. The trouble is that Andrei inherited Crouzon syndrome, a rare genetic disorder accompanied by progressive deformities of the face and cerebral parts of the skull with the development of concomitant disorders. Experienced Moscow surgeons managed to remedy it, but he lost his sight.


During the next meeting, we played as a teacher and a student, he tested me for my knowledge of Mendeleev’s periodic table and put me a two. These are only several of his hobbies: fire alarms, earlier, they were mushrooms, washing powders, firearms, Egyptian mummies and studying various foreign languages, he especially likes Georgian. The list is impressive and I think it never ends. Here, we are two of a kind. The world is so vast and diverse that you do not want to stick to one thing.


Once we were traveling in the car, and he started talking about plasma. “If I had some plasma, I would make a big plasma ball (larger than the Sun) and launch it beyond the solar system,” – said he. Literally next week, I read an article in the magazine, which said that in Germany they had already invented and launched a stellarator, an alternative source of energy that generates plasma from water. Well, isn't it a miracle?


I hope that our friendship will turn into a lifelong observation. I am sure that I have many discoveries ahead.


Stylist of the project: Anna Vozzhennikova