Exhibition dates: August 04 - October 03, 2022


Features of the display.

The show-pieces were placed on three floors. Collages were on the walls on the ground floor and the sixth floor. Canvases with texts were on the ground floor. They were fixed as book pages to a suspended structure with spotlights. On the 3rd floor, in a separate room, the following objects were exposed: fossils in a display case next to photograms; an interactive map by Ian Webster, and sound art composition by Tatyana Zobnina. The triptych Linear Model of Time was displayed on the wall. 

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Extension of the project.

Together with an ICC specialist, we created a descriptive soundtrack for people with vision problems.


Event program.

Two curated excursions on August 18 and September 22

Lecture by Dmitry Grigoriev, Ph.D. Biology, St. Petersburg State University, The Permian Period: the Great and Terrible.

Live stream for schoolchildren: a walk through the exhibition with a curator


The exhibition was visited by 7,565 people

Exhibition dates: June 1 — September 1, 2023


Features of the display

The Came from the Sea project became a participant in the large interregional project Wild Happiness, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of two cities, Perm and Yekaterinburg. 16 artists and art associations took part in the exhibition.

A third part of the entire exhibition was presented on an area of 50 m2. The exhibition partner that provided the exhibition with fossils was the Perm Museum of Antiquities.


As part of the exhibition, one author's excursion and an artist talk were held.


The exhibition was visited by 11,000 people