The City of My Childhood

From the artist's diary:

“For the fourth year in a row, I commemorate your death anniversary, then, on leaving the cemetery, I drive past a huge landfill and think about how your life ended. By the age of 54, the imaginary family that lacked the vital thing - love, disappeared without a trace. I tried desperately to remember the most joyful days we had spent together as a full family, but I failed. Then I made up my mind to go through the places of my childhood, hoping that time would show me a favor, but alas. The modern pace of life does not allow returning to the past, only its pieces stay, and every day there become fewer in number. I looked up all my archives of letters, drawings, and postcards and didn’t find a single souvenir for you. So, I decided to make postcards with photos that I would never be able to send you".


The artist dedicated this series of works to her stepfather. All modern objects in the photos were cut out in Photoshop in the form of white spots like in children's appliques.


Captions on photo:

- This is my first home in this city

- People from nearby houses often got together and gave concerts

- My dad worked here

- My mom worked over there

- I remember Saturday trips to the market, and especially, the way back home with string shopping bags.

- Woodland park next to the school, I was not allowed there, because of maniacs who, I was told, liked the place

- I was always afraid of this dreadful figure: my parents said that if I did not listen to them, grandpa Nalim would come and take me away.

- I swam in this very fountain when at summer camp

- Bazhov’s Monument, for some reason I remembered it this way

- The Iset River, people used to swim in it

- In this yard, we used to gather apples (Ranetki) and cooked compotes of them

- Birdie

- I can’t remember what used to be in this place, but certainly nothing like these houses

- There will be an entertainment center here...