(in Russian - The fixed or established order in organization of something, the structure of something // Moral, ideological principles of life// Characteristic features of psyche)

      While exploring of thingish culture the ethnographers, fine art experts and culture experts often address to crafts and traditions of the past. The 20th century and present days remain essentially unexplored, and yet there are so many interesting things about them: wooden huts with euro siding, swans made of automobile tires, palm trees made of plastic bottles, ladybugs made of helmets and much more.
      In a bulk of things and objects which perform utilitarian household function, there are manifested valuable points, the characteristic features of traditional culture. Looking at articles of daily use culture in different countries, more exactly at the culture of villagers (as here people are less susceptible to unification and globalization), one can see the features of the national character.
     In "Uklad" series I am looking for echoes of the Soviet past in the living space of the present and its influence on the future of the Russian people.