Society of success.
"The planet does not need a large number of "successful people". The planet desperately needs peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and loving ones of all kinds. It needs people which are good to live with. And this has little to do with "success", as defined in our society ..."
                                                                                                                                                    The Dalai Lama.

     The transcendence of God declined. But He did not die, he plunged into the human destiny. This man - a Superman who first begins to consciously fulfill the covenant of the capitalist religion. Capitalism is a religion of pure worship, without dogma, the essence of which consists in liberation from worries, anguish, anxiety which were weighed upon by the so-called religions before.
     Increasingly, a person puts himself on a pedestal with his growing ego, raising himself to the rank of celestial, thus mythologizing his own life and shape, in which it is difficult to separate the truth from the fiction.
     In modern times success and its achievement become a strategic objective of the individual's way of life, thus motivating activities and determining behavior. Success becomes the dominant in the light of which a person estimates the entire surrounding world and its phenomena. A huge number of people exposed to the charms of ideologeme "Be successful!", implying recognition, popularity, wealth, etc., forget about morality. Selfish purposes connected with getting benefits and receiving personal recognition are brought to the forefront. Own dreams and aspirations are replaced by the desire to meet the criteria of those who are successful, getting only its attributes, not success itself. As a result, the success of nowadays turns into a meaningless shape showing not strive for certain objectives, but semblance or simulacrum.