During three years the artists Natasha Podunova and Nastya Rostova are working on the project called "Came from the sea", creation of which was inspired by the fact of existence of the ancient sea in the Urals in the Paleozoic era. The idea is in combining together two periods – the Paleozoic and anthropocene – thus to give the viewer the opportunity to feel the fleetingness of human existence, the incomprehensibility of time and eternity, to plunge into the pristine nature of being, for we all come from the ocean and walk along the ancient seabed.


      For more reliable reflection of the Paleozoic biota, the authors refer to scientists and paleontologists and geologists.

     The basis of the project is black and white images which combine photography, drawing and collage. The photos were taken with the help of  lens monocle; various graphic materials and techniques were used in the drawings: soft materials (sepia, coal), paper, cardboard, and computer graphics.

Photography, as a documentary evidence of the fact, is not initially questioned and at first glance immerses the viewer into reality. But if you look closer, you can notice unfamiliar objects, and the longer you look, the more new details and associations can appear.

    Use of lens monocle creates the effect of illusory, the magic of what is happening which is amplified by graphics, complementing reality, and somewhere puts this reality in doubt. 



      Portfolio of Nastya Rostova - https://www.behance.net/rostovicus

      On the websites the authors published only one part of a big project.